House Of Wickersham

1528 Sherwood Village Circle

About Us :

The House of Wickersham started with humble beginnings. A few years after my mother died, my stepfather was going to throw away some boxes. I volunteered to take them for him. I filtered through the boxes and to my surpirse I discovered many treasures including 4 sketch books of my Grandmother Veda's drawings and paintings. I was so amazed at how blessed I was to be the one to discover these wonderful treasured pieces of art. I knew I had to do something with them.

We decided to make up some of her work in print form and sell it. We started counting how many artists were in my family. This prompted me to ask other members of my family if they wanted to join this venture. Our family was pleased to be a part of our little company. We now have 4 generations of artists we feature.