Huachuca City Public Library

506 North Gonzales Boulevard

The Huachuca City Public Library had its simple beginnings in the 1960's in a small room in the Yuma Street Community Center in Lower Huachuca City (fondly referred to as "The Hole" by local residents), with Alta Leffingwell serving as the librarian.

In the 1970's, the library was moved onto the school campus at Huachuca City School and shared the building with the school library.  Flora Jackman, who had worked at the Post Library/Children's Library on Fort Huachuca for many years, became the assistant librarian.

When the School built a new library on the campus in the 1980's, a small wooden building was purchased from Fort Huachuca's "Splinter Village" and moved to Upper Huachuca City near the City Park and Town Hall.  The City Library used one side of the old building and the Senior Center and Meals-On-Wheels food program took over the other side .  Flora Jackman was now the City Librarian and the surplus building from the Fort remained in regular service to the students and residents until a new library building was constructed with grant money in 1994.  The new library was dedicated to Flora Jackman, the City's long-time librarian.

At the present time, the old library building is located 4.5 miles to the North on private property in Whetstone on the East side of Hwy 90.  It can be seen from the highway and is currently being remodeled by a private citizen for a residence.