Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival
143 Main Street

Mission Statement:
The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to producing the plays of Shakespeare with an economy of style that focuses energy and resources on script, actors and audience.

We communicate the stories with energy, clarity and invention and we distill rather than embellish the language and action.  We challenge ourselves and our audiences to take a fresh look at what is essential in Shakespeare's plays.

Vision Statement:
The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival is a living work of art that has grown out of, and is sustained by, the energetic and generous contributions of hundreds of people.

I believe that HVSF should celebrate and bring to life what is most universal in Shakespeare, and what is most relevant to our audience. Our work should neither preserve nor embellish, but rather discover and reveal, re-invent and re-invigorate Shakespeare's plays by exploring a broad range of material, both by Shakespeare and by other authors, and presenting it with the simplicity and exhilaration which characterize HVSF.  I want our productions to provoke, stimulate and delight in the hope that, as our audience heads home after a show, they will feel as though they are floating three feet off the ground, thrilled and amazed, and talking excitedly with each other about what they've just seen and what it means to them.

To make sure our work continues to be fresh and compelling, we will evolve and deepen our spontaneous, spare, freewheeling and distinctly American playing style, and test it in front of audiences both in our current environment as well as in other venues and during other seasons.  To that end, we will establish an HVSF acting company. We will train these actors to the highest possible standards of excellence, and make HVSF a home for their work. We hope that they in turn will generously mentor their skills to other theatre artists and to audiences of generations to come. This commitment to excellence, generosity and mentorship should extend beyond our acting company to every aspect of HVSF.

We will remain committed to educating and developing the broadest possible audience, bringing our work especially to people who never believed they could comprehend or enjoy Shakespeare.  I hope that our audience will understand deeply that at HVSF, the real moment of creation occurs, not in the isolation of the rehearsal studio, but when the actors engage with the audience in the blast furnace of live performance.

Recent News

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2019

Schedule:Much Ado About Nothing:Benedick and Beatrice trade barbs and match wits under the Theater Tent:Scandal abounds in Shakespeare’s hilarious, biting comedy about lies, courtship, and the chaos created in pursuit of true love. The famous…

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2018

Schedule:The Taming of the ShrewBy William ShakespeareDirected by Shana Cooper"My tongue will tell the anger of my heart, or else my heart concealing it will break."Fire-hearted Kate isn’t first on any suitor’s list. But her father has…

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2017

Schedule: Pride and Prejudice:By Kate Hamill | Adapted from the novel by Jane AustenDirected by Amanda DehnertWorld PremierePreviews June 10 - June 23, 2017Running June 24 - September 4, 2017Jane-ites rejoice! Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy have…

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2016

Schedule of Events:Measure for Measure:By William ShakespeareDirected by Davis McCallumThe Duke of Vienna mysteriously disappears from public life and leaves his puritanical deputy, Angelo, to clean up the city’s seedy underworld. With righteous…

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2015

Schedule of Events:A Midsummer Night's Dream:By William ShakespeareDirected by Eric TuckerShakespeare’s best-loved comedy is reinvented before your eyes in this wildly imaginative production. Five brilliant actors play 20 unforgettable characters…

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2014

OthelloBy William ShakespeareDirected by Christoper V. Edwards  Othello is one of the greatest tragedies by William Shakespeare, written in approximately 1603 and first performed in 1604. Our 2014 production of Othello will be set in a modern…

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Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival 2013

Schedule of Events: All’s Well That Ends WellBy William ShakespeareDirected by Russell TreyzTheatricality reigns as a troupe of eight traveling players presents Shakespeare’s comedy of the spunky, lovesick Helena and her pursuit of the…

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