Hy's Cider Mill

Hy's Cider Mill
6350 37 Mile Road


Jim and Michelle Goldstein are the proud owners of Hy's Cider Mill.  With every change and improvement made to the cider mill, Jim hopes his Dad and Grandfather would be proud of the transformation that the farm and mill has undertaken! Jim's grandparents, Joe and Ettie, immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s.  They had two sons, Gustave (born 1917) and Hyman (born 1921). In the early 1930s, Joe purchased a farm on 37 Mile Rd (the current site of Hy's Cider Mill). Joe and Ettie moved to Romeo with their two sons and began working on the farm.  At the time, the 160 acre farm was split in two halves; one for crops and livestock, the other an apple orchard. Joe began picking apples and selling them at Eastern Market in Detroit. As Joe's sons grew older, each took a section of the farm as their own to work on.  Gustave oversaw the crops and livestock while Hyman took care of the apple orchard. Later on, Hyman married Ruby Repitor.   The two had six children: Jon, Jim, Jan, Joni, Jay, and Jeremy. Hyman and his children continued caring for the orchard and selling apples at Eastern Market, just like Joe did. In 1967, Hyman took his crop to a cider mill in Mount Clemens.  They pressed the apples to make apple cider.  Hyman began selling "Hy's Cider" at Eastern Market. Jim can remember going to Eastern Market with his dad when he was only 5 years old!   In the fall of 1973, Hyman and his family opened Hy's Cider Mill.  The first cider press they had could make 200 gallons of cider an hour.  Today, the press can produce 1,200 gallons per hour!

Jim cherishes all the memories he has spending time with his dad at Eastern Market and at the mill.  Now he looks forward to creating new memories and teaching his three children, Luke, Hyley, and Manny, how to run Hy's Cider Mill!