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I Can’t See

I Can’t See
133 Greenwich Street

Immersive Horror Comes to New York City!

I Can’t See is a new immersive horror theater experience from Timothy Haskell and Paul Smithyman, original members of Psycho Clan. Inspired by the W.W. Jacobs classic ghost story, The Toll House, I Can’t See is experienced in complete darkness.  As you arrive you are greeted by the Optecs team who wire you up and “download” the experience into your mind. You are there to challenge your own courage by becoming a character in  own horror story.  You will find your way through this intense and terrifying experience while wearing audio headsets and reaching for the “umbilicals” to help guide you. As you listen, the physical world is manifested in real time as things happen in the story. I Can’t See is a sensory assault, using all senses except sight.

“We’ve experimented with horror and audience immersion for 20 years now,” says I Can’t See creator Timothy Haskell.  “In all this time, the one constant is that the most terrifying thing is your own imagination.  The anticipation of fear is the scariest part of all.

However, this is decidedly NOT, we repeat NOT a ‘haunted house.’  Horror makers keep trying to ratchet up the fear factor by telling you how extreme they are, but they don’t often engage our minds in the way immersive theater can.” Collaborator and production designer Paul Smithyman adds, “storytelling allows you to empathize with characters and care about what happens to them. When the lead character is you, being in peril takes it to a whole new level. This is unlike any horror offering this season.”

Psycho Clan has been the creative team behind many scary things in the past, most notably NIGHTMARE that ran downtown for 15 years, and THIS IS REAL that ran for 3 years in Brooklyn.

Additionally, they created the twisted Easter event Full Bunny Contact, the bizarre Christmas event Santastical, and more recently their first foray into more intimate theatrical horror experiences This is Real in 2016 – 2018.