Indian Head Division

101 Strauss Avenue

Our Mission:

Provide primary technical capability in Energetics for all Warfare Centers through engineering, fleet and operational support, manufacturing technology, limited production, industrial base support, and secondary technical capability through research, development, test and evaluation for energetic materials, ordnance devices and components, and related ordnance engineering standards to include chemicals, propellants and their propulsion systems, explosives, pyrotechnics, warheads, and simulators. Provide support including special weapons support, explosive safety and ordnance environmental support to all warfare centers, military departments and the ordnance industry. Execute other responsibilities as assigned by Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center.

Our Vision:

DoD Energetics Center: The Nation’s leading resource for Energetics. We are dedicated to understanding the behavior of Energetics and the effective use of Energetics in applications vital to National Security.

NSF Indian Head Public Affairs, 540-653-6012 or NSF IH Staff Office, 540-653-8203