Indian Valley Museum

Indian Valley Museum
4288 Cemetery Street

About Us:

A Museum housing many artifacts that represent the different centuries of the Beautiful Indian Valley. The Maidu Native American historical baskets and history, as well as the extensive mineral specimens of Francis Musser. Many fossils, rock carvings, and sculptures are featured in the Gem and Mineral Room. An impressive collection of Maidu baskets, arrowheads, and artifacts are in the Mountain Maidu Room. All kinds of kitchen tools, appliances, and early electric models on display. A wood cook stove, icebox, and pump vacuum cleaner with many other small wares of the early twentieth century.

The museum houses many artifacts from the 1860's through the 1940's. Over 600 pictures are on display showing, teaching, what life was like in early Indian Valley. The museum is a learning center for all kinds of minerals, cultures, and even modern art displays throughout the year. What is the purpose of a museum? What does it provide to the local community? These questions are answered with educational opportunities, a chance to see history in glimpses of life through objects left behind, pieces of the puzzle as it were, clues as to what came before, and what may lie ahead. That's the fascination with history and museums, and those wonderful items that outlive the human story, or add to the stories of humankind.