Interfusion Festival

400 Courthouse Square

Our Mission:

Interfusion’s mission is to cultivate a multicultural community of visionaries seeking to elevate individual and collective consciousness and wellbeing through immersion into the unity of creative expression and to provide a welcoming space for searching souls to Explore new art forms, Share their arts with others, and Connect with likeminded spirits from around the globe.

Interfusion is a place to experience authentic art forms and a forum of unrestrained fusion of styles and influences. We empower individuals and communities to express their unique voices and gain enrichment from hearing the voices of others. We seek to bring healing, impart knowledge and inspire growth removing all inhibitions to creativity, self-expression and personal enlightenment.

Recent News

Interfusion Festival 2019

Interfusion Festival brings together like-minded souls from across the US and beyond for four days of learning, healing, play and connection on MLK weekend.Interfusion Festival provides a holistic opportunity for participants at all levels to…

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Interfusion Festival 2017

Interfusion Festival is the largest movement and healing arts fusion event in the US held at the Westin hotel in Alexandria, VA on September 1-4, 2017. This 4-day transformative experience unites over 20 genres of movement and healing arts. The…

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