Inzane Productions

62 Halstead Street

Inzane Productions is a non-profit children's theater group that believes that learning is much more important than giving flawless performances. Every child has a talent that needs to be encouraged. Also, as the executive director Laurie Zane Weider often says "There are no divas in Inzane." Creativity is encouraged, and children learn how to give positive and constructive feedback to peers. Their self-confidence and self-esteem improve as they experience success.

In Inzane Productions' June show and fundraisers, staging is very basic. We use basic scenery with few props, lighting, sound reinforcement, and costumes. The students are also given many opportunities to be Student Director, Student Choreographer, Stage manager, Costume Manager, and Props Manager, etc. Students learn how to run a play while making many friends in a positive learning environment.

Our company members range in age from five years old to high school seniors with a few adults who love theater and working with Students. Regardless of age they all have one thing in common; their love of theater and music. Inzane members are a unique, multi-talented, group including, singers, dancers, actors, and musicians. All are voice, piano, acting, or dancing students of Inzane Productions and Inzane's affiliate Adagio School of Dance.