Isle of Wight Academy

17111 Court House Highway

About us:
Isle of Wight Academy is an independent, non-sectarian, co-educational, nonprofit day school located on Highway 258 across from the historic Isle of Wight Courthouse. This location is approximately midway between the cities of Smithfield and Windsor, Virginia.

Isle of Wight Academy began operating in 1967 and was granted a charter by the State Corporation Commission of the Commonwealth of Virginia on June 5, 1970.

The philosophy of Isle of Wight Academy is to accept students of average or above average ability and develop them to their fullest potential by providing a quality program, which will build the student mentally, physically, and spiritually. The school emphasizes the honor, integrity, social development, and citizenship of the student.

The course of study in grades K - 7 consists of: arithmetic, English, health, reading, science, social studies, and writing. In K - 7, enrichment programs are offered that consist of: art, band, computers, music, physical education, world studies, and study skills. In the upper school, a college preparatory program is offered with vocational subjects, computer science, and the fine arts offered on an elective basis. The traditional approach to education is practiced in the classrooms. Innovative ideas are practiced when we feel the student will receive the most benefit.

Curriculum and books are evaluated periodically and modified when there is a more appropriate method available. Kindergartens through fourth grades are taught in a self-contained traditional classroom and the students are departmentalized beginning with grade five.