Italian American Summer Festival

Our community's dream of having an annual festival lo celebrate Italian heritage and culture became a reality in 2001. This event, the Italian American Summer Festival, has become one of the country's premier Italian American festivals. We attribute this growth to the blending of both the Italian and American customs and traditions.

This three-day celebration is dedicated to our ancestors who brought with them a deep sense of pride lot (heir Italian culture. The festival brings back pleasant memories of the traditions we all shared with our parents and grandparents. In addition, the festival provides us with the opportunity to create new memories for our children and grandchildren lo enjoy in the days to come.

Without the help and support of our corporate sponsors, patron advertisers and hardworking volunteers, this event would not be possible. We thank them for sharing our pride in our wonderful Italian heritage and culture.

The Italian American Summer Festival is an event we can all be proud of lot many years lo come.