Jefferson Outlaws

Howdy pardners, and welcome to the cyber-home of the Jefferson Outlaws.

The outlaws do their shootin' in the town of Leadville,  situated on the back forty of the Jefferson Rifle Club, 5209 Snyder Mill Rd.,  in the rolling hills of Spring Grove, PA Leadville features permanent stage fronts for a real cowboy experience. There's  a livery stable, a train depot, the Midnight Star Saloon and more in the planning stages. Have a peek for yourself.

We are a SASS affiliated club and follow all of the SASS rules. We'd like you to be a SASS or Jefferson Rifle Club member to shoot with us, but as long as you can handle a firearm in a safe and responsible manner you'll be welcome. Our sheriff is easy to get along with and as long as you play safe and responsible there won't be any trouble. If you're new to the sport, the New Cowboy Shooters link will give you the skinny.

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