J.M. Alexander Middle School

12201 Hambright Road

Our Mission:
The Alexander Middle School community will inspire, motivate and educate lifelong learners in a safe, respectful and nurturing environment.

J.M. Alexander was built in 1960. The school was named after John McKnitt Alexander. He came to North Carolina from Pennsylvania in 1775, along with his brotther Hezekiah. He was a tailor, surveyor, landowner, church founder and patriot. In 1760 he married and built a home he named Alexandriana, 9 miles north of Charlotte.

John McKnitt Alexander is most remembered for signing the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence May 20th 1775, 14 months before the Continental Congress wrote our nation's declaration. Our school is built on land that what was once part of Alexandriana.

Originally, the school educated 9th graders only. The following year, it also included 8th graders, and soon added 7th grade. J.M Alexander recently has changed its student body, this time to include 6th through 8th graders in the fall of 1997.