John Minadeo Elementary School

6502 Lilac Street

To provide students with the skills, knowledge, and behaviors to enhance their growth academically, physically, socially, and emotionally throughout their elementary school years and beyond.

Ours will be a school in which everyone is a partner in learning. Students, staff, teachers, parents, and the greater community will share in the responsibility for achieving academic excellence. Our vision includes a curriculum adaptable to change and open to innovative, effective teaching strategies to accommodate the diverse needs of our student population. These would include the utilization of technology and the related arts, as well as a variety of "teacher"-student interactions and flexible organizational plans. We believe that remedial and enrichment experiences, as well as the creative opportunities offered through the related arts are essential components of our curriculum. We would strive to promote a deep understanding, appreciation, and respect for ourselves, others in the local and global community, and the natural environment on which all life depends.

In our school we will strive to instill in all of our students a life-long love of learning by creating and maintaining a stimulating, but calm, safe, and well-managed environment. In our school we will promote an atmosphere supportive of the professional growth of our staff, which will further enhance the achievement of our students. In our vision, all students will believe in their worth as individuals, their ability to cope with adverse circumstances, as well as in their capacity to learn. Through this belief they will achieve their highest potential. When they move on to middle school, our students will have developed a firm foundation of personal and academic skills upon which to build a fulfilling future.