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Johnson Farms

Johnson Farms
6510 New Cut Road


Johnson Farms is a family-run business, owned by Baron and Christy Johnson. The Johnsons wanted to create something special and lasting for their four children, Maddie, Brock, Coleman and Benjamin. But they also wanted to create something special for Upstate families.

"We are all about making lasting childhood memories with the kids," Christy says. "The idea of providing somewhere fun and family oriented for parents to bring their children and have the opportunity to create the same cherished memories appealed to us."

Johnson Farms is new, but it builds on a legacy created by Don and Katherine Nivens, who operated Nivens Apple Farm in nearby Moore. After 42 years, however, it was time for a well-deserved retirement. The Nivens family loved their farm and loved that they were creating memories with their guests. For generations, Nivens Apple Farm was a family tradition.

Now, that tradition has been passed on to the Johnson family. In fact, many of the attractions you and your children loved at Nivens Apple Farm the hay rides, the gem mine, the farm playground have been recreated at Johnson Farms.

We invite you to visit us soon and help us create new memories with you and your family!

"Don and Katherine Nivens provided us with a solid foundation to make what is important to us as parents a reality," Christy says. "It was also important that we do it on this land that has been in the Johnson family for generations. The folks in this area have the best stories about Johnson Farms. We wanted to recreate the past by bringing back to life the old peach shed that everyone is so fond of. It was important for our farm to be connected to the past memories of what used to be on this land."