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Jonathan Dayton High School

Jonathan Dayton High School
139 Mountain Avenue

Jonathan Dayton High School's overall commitment is to educate its students to function in their communities, in further educational pursuits, in the workplace, and their private lives. To fulfill this vision, the school, in conjunction with the families and community it serves, should provide a solid foundation in basic skills, in more complex areas of learning, and in a variety of non-academic aspects of our students' lives.

We recognize that providing a background of our cultural heritage helps to prepare students for the future in a rapidly changing world. We also believe in the importance of teaching students to transfer what they learn in school to the world outside of the classroom. We hope to encourage life-long learning, help students to use leisure time effectively, and aid them in evolving a sound sense of values.

In addition to preparing young people with skills necessary for the world of adult work, we believe "a sound mind in a sound body" makes for optimum personal as well as career development. Therefore, we feel the obligation to enhance both mental and physical attributes of the students.

Finally, to help each student achieve his or her potential, we should prepare him/her to live in harmony in a pluralistic society, work toward the betterment of the condition of others, assume the responsibilities of a citizen in a democratic society, become responsible members of the global community, and accept stewardship of our environment.