Jo's Hope

It is the mission of Jo's Hope to provide educational information about and resources for breast cancer in women of color.  We are dedicated to working to raise funds to aid in the research of breast cancer in women of color.  Jo's Hope will provide charitable services and support to any person with breast cancer.

Jo's Hope is a non-profit foundation that is funded through public and private donations. Although the foundation is in its infancy stage, we have big dreams and goals. 

Jo's Hope is dedicated aiding in the research of breast cancer.  We do this through raising funds to donate directly to breast cancer research.  Our fundraising activities include our Making Strides for a Cure Team, the sale of goods from our Jo's Hope online store, community fundraisers, and of course, through direct financial donations from our supporters. 

Jo's Hope also aids in the research of breast cancer, especially in women of color, by educating women about local, regional and national clinical trials.  These clinical trials are vitally important to getting new treatment options for breast cancer approved by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as helping researchers understand more about the different types of breast cancer and taking steps towards finding a cure.  Lastly, it is our goal to provide support services to women who are currently battling breast cancer, to survivors and to families affected by this devastating disease.