J.V.B Wicoff Elementary School

Plainsboro Road

Wicoff School was built in 1919. The original building was made of Princeton stone with limestone trim, and the front was Gothic architecture. After all these years, it still remains the same. Our goal at Wicoff is to provide each K-3 student with learning experiences that will develop academic, social, physical and emotional success. Wicoff's administrators and staff further believe there must be cooperation and continuous communication between the family and the school.

The mission of the Wicoff school is to prepare its diverse community of children for their continuing educational journey, to be responsible for productive citizens, and to respect themselves and others; this will be accomplished by providing a nurturing environment, developing a foundation of skills necessary for independent thinking and problem solving, and meeting individual needs through a strong partnership among students, staff, parents, and community.

In this culturally rich and diverse community, students gain an understanding and respect for individual and ethnic uniqueness. At the Wicoff School, the child comes first. A nurturing, accepting, and supportive environment allows each child to grow and learn among a community of caring adults who contribute to the child’s positive self-esteem. All children are challenged and encouraged to take risks and strive to reach their full potential. Education at Wicoff School is a shared responsibility of teachers, children, parents, and community members. The curriculum provides students with a strong foundation for life-long learning.

Literacy is the primary focus at all grade levels. Our goal is to have students understand and appreciate the value of literacy in their lives. Students are exposed to a variety of quality literature both orally and in print. The connection between reading and writing is made explicit so students understand they are reciprocal. The integration of language into all content areas enables our students to use their reading and writing skills in meaningful ways Multiculturalism is woven throughout the curriculum to allow students to be successful in the global society of the 21st century.