Karnes Orchard

Karnes Orchard
8250 County Road 46

The first commercial Karnes Orchard was planted in March 1876 by Joseph Karnes, Jr. (my great, great grandfather), featuring approximately 50 trees and 15 different varieties of apples.

Upon Joseph's death in 1916, he willed the land to his sons, and George Karnes, Sr. (my great grandfather) took the lead role in maintaining the Karnes Orchard. As George, Sr. aged, three of his sons, Paul, George, Jr. and William, continued the family business with George, Jr. (my grandfather) taking the initiative to expand the Orchard and begin marketing it under the Karnes Orchard name. George, Jr., commonly known as "Bill" Karnes, opened Karnes Orchard Market on US highway 50 in 1954, and it remained there until 1993.