Kelsey Theatre

1200 Old Trenton Road


As a community college theatre The Kelsey Theatre has a three-part mission:

To serve the Community by offering a diverse series of arts events, suitable for the whole family, aimed at expanding the young peoples' awareness of the arts of many cultures, the accessibility of classic literature, and the many different forms of performing arts.

To educate the College students and staff by providing exposure to the many different genres of theatre and affording them the opportunity to produce theatre themselves; in addition to working with more experienced semi-professional and professional performers and directors.

To support the Theatre community by providing serious and meaningful performance opportunities necessary to their development as artists.

Recent News

Show- Into The Woods

What happens after happily ever after? Stephen Sondheim’s bewitchingly witty fairytale mashup actually "goes there" through a clever convolution of characters from classic Brother’s Grimm. Deeply touching one moment and laugh-out-loud funny the…

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Show - Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Set in a plantation home in the Mississippi Delta, Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning classic examines the relationships among a Southern family in crisis. Passion, desperation, jealousy and cruelty are on display and, in its own way,…

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