Kennedale Independent School District

120 Kennedale Parkway

The mission of Kennedale Independent School District, as educational leader, in partnership with families and the community, is to provide opportunities for academic excellence in a safe and supportive environment so that today's students can become tomorrow's leaders.

Goal # 1:
KISD has quality and highly motivated staff and faculty.

Recruit and hire the best qualified personnel available.
Create and maintain a supportive environment for personnel.
Involve faculty and staff as team members/stakeholders in a partnership to reward excellence.

Goal # 2:
KISD has quality educational facilities and programs that meet the needs of a diverse student population.
The facilities are adequate for the student population and there is the ability to teach all of the required and elective courses.
Create programs to promote student achievement, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, responsibility, productivity, creativity, & good citizenship.
Achieve and maintain exemplary ratings.
Create an environment for success in education after high school.
KISD promotes the use of state of the art technology for learning.
Goal # 3:
KISD communicates and partners with families and community to strengthen the educational process.
Goal # 4:
KISD recognizes and appreciates people who contribute to the success of our schools.