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Ken's Korny Corn Maze

Ken's Korny Corn Maze
3175 Benson Road

About Us:

Ken’s Korny Corn Maze opened in the year 2000. It was the first corn maze in the State of North Carolina and since that time has been drawing individuals and families alike for great farm entertainment.

The maze is worked out as early as February where their ideas are put on paper to turn six acres of a cornfield into two and a half miles of twists and turns. It takes four men working in the field to make the patterns. The corn is about two feet tall when they start shaping it, and when they finally finish the first week of July, it is head tall. To make the five-foot paths, corn stalks are actually pulled out rather than cutting them to avoid dangerous stubs in the ground. The average time to maneuver the maze takes 60-75 minutes. When you get in the maze, all you see is cornrows and blue skies and you might also hear some passing planes. Many planes often circle around a little more slowly and a little lower to pass over the field again. When you are here, you will learn about farm life, get plenty of exercise, and have a fun time with family and friends.

After purchasing a ticket and choosing a flag on a long pole, a navigator will stamp your game card at the time clock and you will start “A Great Family/Friends Outing” weaving through the corn. Each “player” gets instructions on the rules of the maze, a flag attached to a six-foot pole and a game card. Within the maze there are twelve mailboxes and stamps at each mailbox. The objective is to find each of the twelve mail-boxes, place a stamp on your game card and complete the maze in the shortest possible time.

Some “secrets” to negotiating the maze successfully. Sections of the maze are color coded and the game card includes some hints about how to find your way. It’s like a game board and the color coded markers can help you find your way out, if you use a little common sense. Observers will be on duty on the observation deck and if a maze-wander encounters trouble, he can wave his flag for help. “Runners” also will be stationed within the maze itself to answer questions and provide assistance.

Our maze also includes something that other mazes do not. We have two rest stations in the maze with a tent, benches and a water cooler to serve as a rest area.

Just in time for Halloween, the maze also will be open for flashlight or moon light excursions after dark, make sure you bring your flashlight. Fun for all !!!