Khadarlis Global

Lillian Feinstein Senior Center Building 1085 Chalkstone Ave Providence RI 02908


Khadarlis is that rare Rhode Island non-profit whose international work in war-torn countries like Sierra Leone and Guatemala is matched by its intense focus on local community and neighborhood needs.  In six short years, this all-volunteer organization has undertaken a number of international projects, most of which are based in Sierra Leone, including:

  • building and maintaining clean water wells and indigenous mud-hut dwellings;

  • refurbishing and restocking school libraries;

  • initiating solar energy projects;

  • collecting and widely distributing essential items like food, clothing and computers to families throughout the country;

  • initiating and sustaining a women’s empowerment project centered around palm oil (from initial seeding and cultivation to exporting).

At the same time, Khadarlis has always sustained a local focus, concentrating much of it’s energy on building relationships in Olneyville, North Providence and the neighborhoods around Academy and Valley Streets as well as Atwells and Chalkstone Avenues.  These local efforts have taken the form of,

  • serving as a repository for donated household items (through long-established partnerships with such companies as Home Goods, Home Depot and Bed, Bad & Beyond) to families and individuals moving out of shelters into permanent housing, to victims of fire, to victims of domestic violence, and to elders at risk. addressing urgent needs related to child welfare and learning, homelessness (through partnerships with Crossroads, among other agencies) and low-income housing;

  • serving as a employment resource center for adults looking for jobs and professional development opportunities through establishing a public computer lab and referral service;

  • providing computers and tutoring for local students through a variety of partnerships in higher education and through the efforts of volunteer educators.