Kim's Vineyard & Winery


Our Mission at Kim's Vineyard is to produce the Best Grapes and Wine

About Us:

Kim's Vineyard was started 1995, in Warren County North Carolina, by Cheryl and Walter Royster. It all began as a simple hobby by Mr. Royster, only planting a few rows of grapes to test out his " green thumb". Over the years, more rows were planted and grew into Kim's Vineyard, which was inspired by his lovely daughter Kimberly M Royster. In 2004 Kim's Vineyard expanded by adding a winery . The grape vineyard itself covers over five acres of land and the winery sits on two acres. This is a "mom and pop" operated business, that caters to everyone. Although the vineyard is only seasonal, Kim's Vineyard winery is open all year long. Kim's Vineyard provides over 18 different types of wine, so customers would not have any problems finding the wine that fits their taste.