King and Queen County Courthouse Tavern Museum

King and Queen County Courthouse Tavern Museum
146 Court House Landing Road

Mission Statement of Museum

The Museum's Mission is to be an archive and museum for King and Queen County history, principally as (1) a repository and library for papers and books related to King and Queen County and its citizens, (2) a repository and museum for artifacts and cultural center relating to King and Queen County, (3) showcasing and interpretation of a period tavern/hotel building which served those coming to conduct public business at this rural courthouse, (4) presentation of information and demonstrations on rural cultural customs, especially those related to the household, and (5) an office for the Historical Society, all for the benefit of its citizens, both children and adult, as well as visitors to the County. As a part of these general activities, the building would have exhibition and meeting space and provide a resource and learning center for the schools for educational opportunities, as well as training opportunities in the museum field.