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Kipps Grapes

Kipps Grapes
6943 South Blue Ridge Turnpike


In the mid 1950s, Ward Kipps set out four grape vines and a fruit tree or so for family use. Well, the soil was great, his thumb was green, and things just took off! More vines and trees were propagated and acquired over the years. At one time, when he was participating in a grape development program run by Virginia Tech, he had more than 150 different varieties of vines!

While Ward hadn't planned to sell fruit (he repaired and sold radios and TVs), things evolved that way when the hobby outgrew the needs of the family. He started the PYO business to handle the excess. Today, Ward's wife, Beth, and their sons, daughter, and grandchildren continue the business, turning it into a three-generation affair! Like Ward, we established other careers before getting into fruit. Maybe you'd like to take guesses as to who works with livestock, computers, plants, learning, or cell cultures.

Ward had a great memory, and knew nearly every vine and tree by heart. We have done a lot of guesswork, but some plantings remain unidentified. We welcome you to taste a grape or two from several vines before choosing which you wish to pick. Enjoy the scenery while you make your selection.

Most vines are Concords and similar-tasting varieties. Fredonias ripen about two weeks before the Concords. Another early grape is the Moored - developed here in Virginia by the folks at Virginia Tech. It is a red slip skin and very sweet. We have a small section containing French hybrids.