Knollbrook Farm

Knollbrook Farm
15463 County Road 46

About Us

John and Cynthia Adam moved to Knollbrook Farm in 1986, right after they were married. They had four cows, and no large equipment. But they had a dream.

Both worked off the farm to build up the equity they needed to purchase cows and equipment. Today, they operate 400 acres, and milk 105 Holsteins and Jersey cows.

The Scavenger Hunt Corn Maze covers 10 acres of land, plus the Pumpkin Patch, Farm Animal Corral, Play Areas, and farm buildings. Most of the rest is pastureland.

Family members are Nathaniel, Nicholas, Lucas, and Faith. Cynthia says you have to have "Faith" to finally have a little girl after already having three boys!

The entire family is actively involved with all aspects of dairy farming and the corn maze-and you'll see them feeding cattle, scraping the cow lot, picking pumpkins, mowing the maze, and demonstrating the tricycle track or pumpkin slingshot.

We hope you'll come by the farm several times this year, and when you stop in, be sure to say "hi". We love to visit.