Kootenai Community Church

204 East Central Avenue

About the Church:
The first efforts to form a church in Kootenai, Idaho occurred in 1910 when a small group of believers began meeting in what was then the new Kootenai School building.
In 1914 the Kootenai Town Site Company deeded two lots to the Church and in 1915 those two lots were mortgaged to the Congregational Church Building Society of New York for $800 to build the church building which is still in use. This first church was incorporated as the First Congregational Church of Kootenai.
The Church had many pastors in the early days due to the fact that their pay was whatever the offering was. This offering would range anywhere from 50 cents to $2.50 a week. Much of the money needed to keep the church running and pay for improvements was raised by the Women’s Auxiliary.
The building was used continually through 1977 mostly as a Sunday School. The group that was meeting in the building at that time moved into Sandpoint and left the building vacant until December 1979.
In December of 1979 a Sunday School was started by Dave Kinne which in 1982 evolved into the Kootenai Community Church of the present day.
In 1993 Dave Kinne retired as Pastor and his son John Kinne took over and pastored until December of 1996. In December of 1996 the current teaching pastor, Jim Osman was installed.


It is one thing to look back at what Kootenai Community Church has been. It is good to be in touch with the elements that have made an organization what it is.
The Kootenai/Sandpoint area is growing at an incredible rate. Statistics from the last Census indicate that the City of Kootenai has grown 10% between 1990 and 2000. That growth is not likely to slow down! With more people coming into our community, we have to ask ourselves, “How are we going to reach all these people with the good news of Jesus Christ?”
We desire that as Kootenai continues to grow, so will the number of people touched by the ministry of Kootenai Community Church and the gospel of Christ. We have a mission that has been given to us by the Savior.