Kosinski Farms

Kosinski Farms
420 Russellville Road


Kosinski Farms is a family farm that began in the 1930's. Now, three generations and 80 years later we are proud to continue the tradition.  The farm now consists of several properties, the primary being the original Feeding Hills farm as well as two Westfield farms where not only the crops are grown but are the residence of the Kosinski Generations; demonstrating our commitment to truly being part of the farm lifestyle and the "growing" spirit. Additionally, several years ago a seasonal retail stand, bakery and greenhouses opened to further service our customers. Over the years we have grown in many ways; however, our signature item remains the same, Blueberries. We are proud of this achievement and believe we produce the highest quality of giant cultivated blueberries sold not only locally but across New England.  Along with blueberries, we grow a variety of vegetables and fruit crops including sweet corn, apples, pumpkins and tomatoes. We believe our hard work and effort shows in the quality of our produce and plants and truly believe that Massachusetts grown is fresher!