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La Center Farms

La Center Farms
31215 NE 40th Avenue

About Us:

Steve and Lissa Boynton married in 1996 and dreamed of moving to the country for a better life for their family.  They had two children close in age and like many new parents found themselves working all the time while having little time for family or friends. Steve worked as a Deputy Fire Marshal/fire investigator and part time in the Coast Guard.   Lissa worked as an Environmental Health Specialist ie health inspector for the Clark County Health Department.

In 1997 Steve and Lissa Boynton realized their dream of having a business and a place to call home in the country.  While still living in Salmon Creek they spent every weekend at their La Center property.  There they removed garbage, cleared weeds, planted trees and replaced the dilapidated farmhouse.

In 2007 Steve retired from Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue and the Coast Guard. With his newfound freedom he was able to pursue the farming business in earnest. They took the plunge and moved to La Center Farms with their two sons, John (7) and Dan (9).

Steve and Lissa named their farm "La Center Farms".  They improved the roads and fencing, remodeled the old milking barn, and created a pumpkin patch and U-Cut tree farm. The farm allows their sons an opportunity to participate in the family business. Steve now works full time farming plus running several small side businesses.  Lissa continues to work for the Clark County Health Department.  They opened the business in 2007 and are now making La Center Farms a place that is fun for the whole family.