La Habra Historical Museum

215 E. La Habra

Embrace history and become part of it at the La Habra Historical Museum, founded by the La Habra Old Settlers Historical Society.  The museum is housed in a 1935-36 WPA building on the old Launer property.  Besides having a beautiful story pageant along the ceiling, we have permanent exhibits in both our Main Gallery and our General Store, and visitors may watch videos of long time residents in our theatre.  We have changing exhibits at least twice a year.



India Clamp

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018
Hi Honey, who is the dwarf? After a brief “siesta” at the La Habra library, a quick gaze to my right called my attention to a dwarf sized cutout of Henry E. Huntington hanging out with a peculiar Ostrich (see photos). Then to the right of Henry and said Ostrich, I found a charming flight of red brick stairs leading up to the door of the La Habra Historical Museum. Many would crow "its small, hidden or low tech" yet those words where none I would use. The La Habra Historical Museum is elegant and reminiscent of charming historic Museums found in Boston, MA. Kris Dodson---of the La Habra Historical Society---narrated history (see mural) from Don Gaspar de Portola to present day. Ask Kris or the docent on duty about the “strange” mystery of the Ostrich farm----spooky! “Using 3 Big Ostrich feathers” is part of a discussion Kris communicates perfectly. Classic movie-theater upholstered in red is located on the south side of museum and offered viewings of 120 years of history in action. Antiques (switchboard, spinning wheel and penny farthing cycle) are found on the north side. Wistfully we did not find Rumpelstiltskin loitering by the spinning wheel---had an interview question for him, rats! Energetic and informative tour by lovely Kris. and Admission is FREE! LHHM is on my go back and illuminate via video list. Go, go, go!

Kristina Rodriguez

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018
It's a small place, but the staff was friendly and gave us a lot of information. I'd recommend it.

Crystal Nurse

Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017
Cooln place an FREE in town. All da hestory and stuff about towne. Visit.

Victoria Jaques

Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017
Nice place. Would reccommend.