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Lake Havasu Unified School District

2200 Havasupai Boulevard

Lake Havasu City is a community inspired by possibility and rich with promise. Our young city responds to a common purpose: To build a future dependent on our single most precious resource, our youth. The Mission Statement expresses a commitment to children and reflects the unity of purpose WE must demonstrate as a school district and a community. The success of our children is the base upon which our future rests.

The term "WE" will be capitalized throughout this document to identify the combined effort to educate our youth. "WE" represents children, parents, school district personnel, businesses, organizations, city agencies, and YOU. Through this combined effort, WE share the responsibility for the development and the well-being of children. WE can also share the pride in our successes.

In view of rapidly advancing technology and a continuously changing economy, students shall complete their formal education being able to continuously learn in order to be of value in the modern work place. A "lifelong learner" is a person who continues to seek knowledge and self improvement after the goals of formal education are achieved. As a community, WE can inspire learning as one of our student's greatest responsibilities by becoming lifelong learners ourselves. WE recognize the importance of continuous improvement in ourselves as the foundation of our work with children. As an organization, Lake Havasu Unified School District will model the process of lifelong learning.

1. Students will demonstrate significant improvement in language arts skills.
2. Students will show significant improvement in mathematics skills.
3. Every School will continue implementing a comprehensive technology plan to supplement and support education.
4. Every school will emphasize life skills for success in a challenging world.
5. Every school will enhance public relations.