Lakewood Renaissance Faire

1508 Carol Ct

Come step back to a time when romance and chivalry abound. Enter a magical world where Knights, Dragons, Pirates, and Fairies play. Step back to a time where people took pride in their craft and trade. Come now and explore the Renaissance Faire.  The largest event of its kind in this area. The Lakewood Lions Renaissance Faire is a time to revel in the atmosphere of a 16th Century European Country Faire. Explore the bustling market place. Mingle and interact with hundreds of costumed characters, their endless merriment and mayhem. Try your hand at archery and see if you are a modern day Robin Hood. Witness the crowning of the Faire’s King and Queen chosen from children ages 10 and under dressed in period garb.

The Faire is best known for its awe-inspiring full contact armored jousting tournaments. Watch gallant Knights defend their honor until the last man is left standing! See World Champion Jouster, Shane Adams, host of History’s Full Metal Jousting and his troupe The Knights of Valour. Cheer your favorite Knight to victory as he competes for thy Ladies honor in this thrilling full armored Joust.

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Lakewood Lions Renaissance Faire 2015

Schedule of Events:September 19, 2015:10:00 a.m: Fair Opens to public11:00 a.m: Royal Procession12:00 p.m: Jousting at list field/Daughters of Sophia Dancers at  Gypsy wagon1:00 p.m: Pokie Poke the Jongler2:00 p.m: Pieces of Eight3:00 p.m: Dancers a…

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