Larsen Apple Barn

2461 Larsen Drive

Founded by the Larsen family in the 1860's, we're the longest family-owned Apple Hillâ„¢ farm. You'll find over 20 varieties of apples picked right here on our ranch.  We also have a wonderful array of pears, grapes, dried fruits, juices and more. In addition, our Bake Shop is full of piping hot apple and other specialty pies, turnovers, dumplings and so much more. Just the smell will overwhelm you!  Enjoy lunch from our deli on your way to touring the unique Larsen Family Museum. When you're done, take a tumble in our expansive grass-covered park with its picturesque waterfalls, ancient apple trees, arching bridges and adventure around every corner.  We're truly a place for the whole family.  Stop by and find out why!


Bonnie Domeny

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017
Visiting mid week after Halloween was a pleasant experience. We love the museum and spent well over an hour viewing the historical memorabilia. Would really love a legend to describe more items. Next we visited the bake shop for pie and sliced apples with caramel. It was cool so a hot cup of coffee was a welcome warmth. The apple berry sour cream pie was moist sweet and tart. We did used our tour at the apple barn where a very knowledgeable woman sliced fresh samples. We were fond of the Pink Lady, but selected the slightly sweeter Wine Sap. With a case of those and a bag of Granny Smith we headed back to the car very happy campers.

Eileen Black

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017
Love this place! Great place to buy apples, because they put them in boxes and not huge bins where people all dig through. They also keep them in a cool barn. They have a place to order yummy desserts! There is a museum in the back barn that leads out to a small house and old farm equipment/machines. There is a giant waterwheel near the museum. Very cool place to eat, get your apples and see some history! I like to go in the first week of September to avoid the crowds.

Tammie Edwards

Saturday, March 31, 2018
Been coming here for 40 yrs, my favorite of all the apple hill growers. The museum is really interesting and fun to go through

Patricia Fail

Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2017
Spent most of the day in Apple Hill area. Since we were on a tour bus, we didn't have a say in how long we got to stay in any one place. We would like to have stayed longer at the Larsen Family Farm. Their barn has so many family treasures and brought back memories of my grandparents. Great photo opportunities - the water wheel, the barn full of treasures, the old vehicles that OOOOOZE history and hard work. We're already making plans to go back on our own. I'm certain there's an RV park nearby where we can stay for several days while we take our time and wander the property.

Jeff L

Friday, Nov. 17, 2017
Great place to take the family. Good food inside the little bakery shop, get there early. There's also a museum featuring old relics from the past and area and a nice park across the street.