League of Women Voters of New Canaan

PO Box 383

Our Purpose:

The League of Women Voters is:

A grassroots organization of volunteers which operates on a local, state and national level.Nonpartisan. We neither support nor oppose political parties or candidate. We do take stands on issues.

Committed to an open system of government. We encourage the informed and active participation of all citizens in government. We influence public policy through research, education and advocacy.

History :

The League of Women Voters was founded in 1920 as an outgrowth of the 72-year struggle to win voting rights for women. Locally, the League started in New Canaan in 1939, and has actively worked through research and advocacy to establish the following improvements in our community.

Changing the structure of our town government from a Town Meeting to a Town Council. More recently, advocated strongly for a Charter Review, which is now in process.

Raising community support for building the New Canaan High School after the town voted it down. More recently, worked to raise support for major High School renovations, currently in progress and to be completed in 2007.

Supporting housing for the elderly through advocating for accessory housing.

Studying the current park and recreation facilities and needs in New Canaan and advocating for a Town pool, a Teen Center and coordinated sports field usage.

Studying the community's need for open space. Conducted a Town-wide survey in coordination with the Town of New Canaan.