Lejeune High School

835 Stone Street


Lejeune High School is located aboard Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base and is operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity.  It is the only high school out of the seven schools within the North Carolina, Camp Lejeune District.  Founded in 1944, the originally named Camp Lejeune High School was led by a principal and a Marine Officer, thus requiring certain military expectations to be followed such as grooming standards and locker inspections.  The first campus was located on Brewster Boulevard. Then in 1961 it was relocated to Stone street.  A new campus was built for the school in 1990.  In 1968, Camp Lejeune High School was renamed  to Lejeune High School.

The Lejeune High School mascot is the "Devilpup" after the proud Marine Corps "Devildog" history earned at the Battle of Belleau Wood in World War I.  The Germans named the marines "Teufel Hunden" for their courage and fighting ability.

Currently, LHS  serves approximately 500 students in grades nine through twelve.  All classes meet each Monday and then rotate on an alternating schedule the remainder of the week.  There are a variety of clubs, activities, and sports programs for students. 


To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.


Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.


Amber Johnson

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2018
Glad I graduated when I did. Nothing you wear will ever be good enough. They will stalk you until you change. A handful of teachers were good. If you were a favorite student you could glide through and get whatever you wanted.

raven myagi

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
all these good reviews are from parents who don't even go here, this school is actually the worst school i've been to. teachers are way too strict, dress code is ridiculous, everything you can think of. would not recommend

Eythan Hervey

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018
If it were possible to do no stars that’s what I would select because this is not the best school at all. I was a student at the school and I didn’t make the best grades because of the environment around the school and the teachers don’t seem like they care as much, but as soon as I moved to a new school I make straight A’s and occasionally a B or so. Definitely not the best school to go to.

nope japes

Tuesday, Jan. 2, 2018
Anyone who ends up in this school has met the worst of luck. School board sucks, schedules suck, students suck, rules suck, pretty much everything about this hell of a school sucks. They make each class 85 minutes when they could’ve squeezed in an extra class and/or a few extra minutes of seminar so students can keep up with certain classes, but no, “here at lejeune, we make everything worse because it benefits nobody. Enjoy your horrible lives as we continue to make it even worse!”

William Johnston

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018
This school is like a un-flavored skittle the texture is good but there is no taste.