Leland Community United Methodist Church

106 North Fourth Street


Making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Our Church is a beacon of Jesus Christ’s unconditional love, to provide a refuge and ministry for all people and to serve one another in His Spirit.

Purpose Statements:

Council: The Church Council supports the ministries of the church through the oversight, integration and evaluation of its administrative functions.  This includes coordinating and managing church finances, properties and employee and Pastor requirements.

Fellowship: To present an attitude of welcoming to all people that come to church.  If we feed them they will come, if we nourish them they will stay.

Nurture & Care: To follow the example of Jesus Christ to reach out in Christian love by expressing it in service to all people.

Youth: XΛ, CHI ALPHA (Christ First) offers a safe, Christ centered environment where youth can participate as part of God's family through fellowship: be educated about God's truth worship together in God's presence, demonstrate Christ's love through service to others and build courage to share God's word.

Children: To nurture children in their faith, shepherd them in their understanding of God's word, encourage them to know Jesus so they may fully adore Him and discover their gifts so they can share with others the experience of Christ's Love.

Spiritual Growth: To nurture disciples of Christ through scripture and prayer in an intimate setting.

Worship: To experience God, to know Christ and to worship in spirit and truth.