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Lemos Farm

Lemos Farm
12320 San Mateo Road (Highway 92)

Since 1942 Bob Lemos is the third generation to work the old family ranch.

The family has owned the land since 1942. It's far different today than when Bob's grandfather moved here from San Francisco.

Someone owed Bob's grandfather money when he lived in the city and, not having any, gave him a cow to pay off the debt. Well, the cow had a calf so he bought a few more. Then he had to buy a farm to put the cows on. That led to running a diary. An old tractor that Bob's grandfather bought in Half Moon Bay is still running and in use on the property.

During the '60s the ranch was rented as horse property and in 1979 Bob Lemos and his dad, Arnold Lemos, began planting Christmas trees and selling cut trees. As he thought about the number of people selling pumpkins in October, he decided to do something different to attract attention. He brought in pony rides and the haunted house, which comes in two versions: the not-so-scary one for younger children and the full-blown hair raiser. Since then many other fun activities have been added. "There is no end of fun things to do for children at Lemos Farm." says Coast Views Magazine.