Leominster High School

122 Granite Street

Mission Statement

Leominster High School is a student-centered community of life-long learners charged with the challenge of promoting excellence through intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development in a safe and secure environment. Students are encouraged and supported by the consistent efforts of the home, school and community in this continual pursuit of excellence.In fostering quality, we advocate that students think and communicate effectively; that they contribute positively to society; that they develop the skills to work both individually and cooperatively; that they accept responsibility for self and others; and that they respect differences among people of diverse cultures and lifestyles.

While we embrace the concept of membership in an ever-changing global village, we balance this with a deep commitment to the rich tradition of the Leominster community. As a microcosm of this changing society, Leominster High School is impacted by ongoing technological advancements, the changing career arena, education reform, cultural diversification, and social change. We respond by implementing a variety of teaching strategies which addresses diverse learning styles and interdisciplinary learning; by teaching the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace; by systemic expansion of computer literacy; by furnishing opportunities for a greater global consciousness; and by cultivating in students sound attitudes toward physical and mental health, and effective decision-making.Our great challenge—to help all students gain the personal and academic strengths necessary to live rewarding lives in the midst of rapid change—is one which demands strong partnerships between home, school and community.

The current Leominster High School opened in 1963 and is located approximately fifty miles from Boston and twenty miles from Worcester. Located in a residential area, it is a sprawling two story building located on a 26 acre campus. Major additions were completed in 1977 and again in 1990. The latter included an addition of an elevator to provide handicap access to all levels of the building.

As of September 2002, Leominster High School has an enrollment of 1802 students spread over grades 9 through 12. There are over 230 faculty and staff.

We offer 12 Advanced Placement courses, 13 Honor Level courses, 12 Vocational Shops and many other classes that accommodate a wide variety of student needs. We are proud of Leominster High School and all that we can offer students. Please call and arrange a visit.

New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools have issued Leominster High School a ten year accreditation. This is the top accreditation status that can be given to any high school.



Friday, June 15, 2018
Vehry guud, i lerned so much. Nyce teechers. E

Official Pupa

Saturday, March 10, 2018
This place Ight it’s one of those schools where you have to pass on your own ya diggggg

Jacob Guillemette

Monday, May 14, 2018
The school is great don't listen to the heaters

Samantha Dowden

Friday, June 16, 2017
If I could give less than one star I would! Not only the high school. This whole school system throughout the city is an absolute mess! I am a recent grad and am glad I got out when I did. Their recent "Budget cuts" means higher ratios in classrooms, less one on one attention, and less of an education for students. Just recently they decided to "lay off" not one but FIVE shop teachers! Some shops have four or more teachers and they let go the shop teachers where there are only two total in the classroom. This leaves one teacher to teach ALL FOUR GRADE LEVELS. They are now responsible for shop and related! As if that isn't bad enough, they decided to let go all of the teachers who were actually in it for the students and not the money aspect! All because of "Seniorities." They also let go multiple elementary and middle school teachers for the same reasons, creating huge class sizes! It makes it near impossible for a student to get a good quality education. There are a handful of good teachers at this school. I feel bad they are stuck in this mess of a school district. The current principal at this high school does not care about students feedback. He is constantly making changes and trying to "fix" anything and everything that worked perfectly fine beforehand. If you have a choice between other schools, I would strongly advise not sending your child or children to Leominster School Districts. I really hope they can straighten this mess out for the sake of all current students! Everyone deserves a quality education regardless of family income!

James Mbugua

Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017
This is the best school ever....."GO BIG BLUES" You are the best!!!!