Leominster Recreation Department

40 Barrett Parkway

Mission Statement

The mission of the Recreation Department is to provide a wide variety of recreational programs and opportunities that are cost effective and that enhance the quality of life for Leominster youth and adult residents, while providing a safe and healthy community environment in which to live through the provisions of recreational programs and facilities.

The Recreation Department is also responsible for maintaining 103 acres of property of which 25 acres (nine sites) are mowed, seven playgrounds are maintained, and trash is picked up at 25 different sites throughout the year. The full-time year round staff consists of Recreation Director Judith Sumner, Administrative Assistant Lisa Comeau, and Maintenance Supervisor Roland LaPointe, Jr. The seasonal staff consists of Program Coordinator Annmarie Sargent, Assistant Program Coordinator Caryl L'Ecuyer, and over 140 seasonal staff.

The Department strives to identify and deliver, on a timely basis, programs and activities that the citizens of Leominster desire and/or request.

The Department commits itself to providing to the community, safe, clean facilities and equipment.