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Leverage Medical Reps

633 Morris Avenue, 2nd Floor

Leverage Medical Reps is a nationwide network of independent medical sales reps that have taken control of their income and future by LEVERAGING their medical contacts and years of hard work. Most of us are former pharma reps or medical device reps that figured out that we could make more as an independent medical rep then having to deal with the idiocrocy of big pharma or device.

In our rearview mirrors are the days of pre-call planning and post call analysis, listening to some clueless manager pester you about closing and using features and benefits of your product, mindlessly getting enough signatures so you can keep your job, submitting your weekly routing logs, expense reports, we could go on and on. You are better than that! At Leverage Medical Reps we recognize the one key fact that rules all sales.... It's all about relationships.

If you feel like you have a substantial book of business and strong personal relationships with physicians we want you on our team. This is your chance to break free, start your own career and market first in class products without the hassle of being managed. Even if you have a career and want to LEVERAGE your relationships and double your income you can do it here. Your time is now. Welcome aboard. We look forward to making money with you.