lia sophia

68 Hovey Road

Barbara Davey of Londonderry, NH announces the launch of her lia sophia business. A percentage of all her shows is donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

 As a lia sophia Advisor, Davey will be presenting high fashion jewelry at in-home Shows. "Our Hostesses receive tremendous benefits, including free jewelry and half-price selections," she says. "Customers enjoy a fantastic save plan with an incredible 50 percent discount on every third item purchased. Plus, every item includes a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee."

 An extensive variety of styles are available, including all the latest trends from the new bohemian look to the '60s mod look and more.  "My goal is to help people find their own personal style," says Davey "I'll show you how to make popular trends your own."

It's this attention to detail that makes Davey's business stand out. She provides personal service and immediate access to the trends and styles you want most.

"I'm thrilled to be part of a company that offers beautiful, high-quality jewelry, an incredible Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and the opportunity to achieve unparalleled success in my own business."

Barbara Davey invites people to contact her for more information about lia sophia, how to host a jewelry Show or how to start your own lia sophia business.  Barbara will personally sponsor anyone intersted in the business.  Davey understands the economic conditions at this time and wants to help those who are looking to make some money and have fun doing it.  The kit Davey will purchase is worth over $1000.00 for each person wanting to add an income to their homes. 

Barbara Davey