Libertyville Wellness Group

1785 Northwind Blvd

Located in Chicago’s North Shore, Libertyville is a community of unsurpassed beauty. With its numerous lakes, forest preserves, trails and golf courses, residents are committed to making healthcare a priority and wellness a lifestyle. Libertyville Wellness Group is dedicated to enriching the lives of the people living in the surrounding area through its wellness care.


At Libertyville Wellness Group, we are committed to providing excellence in chiropractic care, exercise therapy and spinal rehabilitation. We treat everyone from newborn to teens, adults to seniors. Dr. Brian Kelchen will help you develop a wellness plan to optimize your health enabling you to perform at your best.


Michael Wall

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017
I've had the opportunity to work with Dr. Brian and his team for the last few years with weight loss and chiropractic issues. Since working with him I've lost weight, had more energy and through his sound advice, live a much healthier lifestyle.

Benjamin Pageau

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2017
I have been coming to see Dr. Brian and his staff for over 4 years now. I was in constant pain, trouble bending down and picking things up. Being an auto technician and on my feet a minimum of 12 hours a day this was a big issue and decided I needed to do something about. I looked online and found that Libertyville wellness group happened to be down the street from work. I called and set up an appointment. This being my first time going to a chiropractor I did not know what to expect. I told Brian I was a bit nervous but was reassured by the knowledge and experience of the entire staff. Everyone was very nice and every step explained in detail so there would be no surprise. The issue with my back was quickly diagnosed with an x-ray and an examination. We put a plan together and was told if I stick to it I will get better. If I'm going to be honest, I have always been a bit skeptical about chiropractic work but figured I have nothing to lose anyway. I stuck to the plan, wich included adjustments, deep tissue massages, physical therapy and stretching. The difference is obvious. Within around 2 weeks I started feeling a difference. My back felt looser, hips moved better and all around more normal. Within a month I felt great, we adjusted the plan as my progress went on to my needs. I have hurt my arm and feet during the past 4 years and Dr Brian was able to take care of that also. I continue to go for maintenance and when I hurt something and will never go back. If you have pains, soreness, stiffness and any other muscles or joint issues, I urge you to give them a chance to change how you feel about chiropractic care. I know they did for me and life has been great.

Brian Zinkel

Friday, April 15, 2016
Dr. Brian and his staff are simply the best. They are extremely knowledgable and truly care about your wellness. Dr. Brian is an encyclopedia of knowledge and applies it well to serve you. I would highly recommend trying them out if you haven't done so already.

Eric Kristiansen

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Although I have not yet become a patient, I plan to soon. The clinic is extremely professional. Dr. Brian and his staff show utmost professionalism and knowledge of how a wellness center can be beneficial to health, recovery, dieting, and overall care of the human body. The facility is clean, orderly, and comfortable which is always welcoming. The receptionist is unlike most businesses as she is very kind and clearly enjoys her job, so bravo on her attitude. The massage therapist I have visited, Frank, takes passion in his work and is very understanding and very talented at his career. I always feel completely better afterwards! Doctor Brian excels in his field and has not only treated ailments I have suffered from but has really made me understand such important issues about my body and taking care of it, instructing me as a teacher or counselor would. This is how a business should be run

Beth Berg

Wednesday, June 8, 2016
I bought a package deal from Living Social for a consultation, massage, 2 adjustments, exam and x-ray. I didn't realize this would be broken into 3 appointments until I arrived for the first, which was fine. The issue I had was when I was getting pitched about long term care of any physical or chronic issues I had. I'm aware this is part of marketing. But I was very direct when I was not interested in any long term care. Brian seemed to understand even though I shut down his redirections quickly. It was during the first adjustment when He was testing my hands and with much force and using his nails scraped the inside of my hand so hard I said "ouch" and pulled away to where he pulled my hand back and did it again. I immediately jerked my hand back and looked for blood on my palm and glared at him to which he said "I guess that was too hard". This conduct whether you agree/disagree like/dislike a patient is unprofessional and should be up for review by the chiropractic board or who ever regulated licenses. Terrible experience.