Lillian United Methodist Church

12770 Perdido Street

Our Mission

"Reaching Out With God's Love"

Our Purpose

The Lillian United Methodist Church is a community of people committed to Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, united in the Love of God, and called to make that love real to others through:

Worship: which glorifies God, celebrates our faith and invites others to faith in Christ.

Educational Opportunities: which enables people to grow as faithful disciples and equips them for ministry in the world.

Caring Relationships: which share the love of Christ.

Ministries of Witness and Service: which fulfills Christ's mission in our community and throughout the world.

Our Vision

This is who God ultimately wants us to be as a Community of Faith, who we pray God will help us to be.

We are being called by God to be a community congregation, which is primarily composed of people from the Lillian area, but drawing people from all over Southeastern Baldwin County and Southwestern Escambia County, because here they find a unique and exciting expression of Christian Faith, Community, Ministry and Outreach.

We are intentionally attempting to be a socially, economically and racially inclusive congregation which bears witness to the wholeness of the Kingdom of God, clearly offering an expression of Christian Faith which is at the center of the Methodist tradition, which is:

Christ-centered:  focused on the life, words, way and spirit of Jesus as proclaimed in the Gospels.

Biblically-rooted:  encouraging a spiritually-alive, faithful study of the Bible, using tolls of devotion and scholarship with are appropriate to a diverse body of people.

Warm-hearted:  a joyful, loving, laughing congregation which experiences the grace of God in Jesus Christ in personal and positive ways.

Open-minded:  a place where people search, think, question and honestly express their growing experience of the faith in an accepting and affirming atmosphere.

Mission-directed:  committed to a strong sense of mission to the community and the world.

Connection-committed:  as a part of the United Methodist Church we will see ourselves as a leader and supporter of the connectional ministries in which we share.  This includes the support and development of individuals seeking Christian vocations at denominationally-approved schools, universities and seminaries.