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Little Acres Farm Market

Little Acres Farm Market
216 Pennington Lawrenceville Road


In 1972, Ted Wilk and Karen Reading got married. At the time, Ted was working as a machinist at Princeton University and Karen was working as a contract writer. In 1977, Ted decided it was time for a career change and bought into a grain farming partnership with his father. They farmed land in Lawrenceville and Hopewell Townships. Ted later bought his father's half of the partnership and continued to farm grain until the mid 80s. In 1985, Ted and Karen had a daughter, Heather, and decided it was time for another career change. Karen quit her job to become a stay at home mom and Ted started looking into buying land to build a house and open a farm stand. In 1986 they purchased 8 1/2 acres on the corner of Lawrenceville Pennington Road and Federal City Road. The property was adjacent to land Ted's family had been farming for 2 generations before him and was owned by AT&T at the time. The property was not a lot of acreage in comparisson to what Ted had grown up on, so he named the farm "Little Acres" and rented the adjacent land to grow bigger crops like corn and pumpkins. The barns were the first to go up, then the grain bin, then the house. Construction of the house was completed in 1987 along with the construction of the farm stand. We opened for business in the spring of 1988 selling a variety of fruits, vegetables and potted and cut flowers in the summer, pumpkins in the fall and Christmas trees and wreathes in December. Since 1988 we have been a local, family owned business with many loyal customers.