Living Grace Church Of Vancouver

P.O. Box 6083

Church History

In October 1998, Pastor Jim Cornwell was invited to start a Saturday night Bible study in the Vancouver area. As a result, a small team traveled with him from Living Grace Ministries of Tacoma to Vancouver each weekend to share the gospel through the Bible study and a few small outreaches.

Two particular outreaches were key in establishing our church in Vancouver. The first was Noah's Ark Bible Club for children, led by Dr. Glen Kisby. Many un-churched parents began to respond at the love and investment they saw their children receiving week after week. The second key outreach was a door-to-door evangelism ministry, under the leadership of Jerry Soddy, where 100's of new doors were knocked on weekly. Eventually, people from these two ministries wanted more than a just a Saturday Bible study, they wanted a church they could attend.

On July 23rd, 2000, Living Grace Church had its first church service in Vancouver. Since then, the church has grown steadily and is characterized by its members' active burden for the lost and deep love for God's Word.

This Vancouver church is an extension of Living Grace Ministries of Tacoma. Pastor Tom Powell, his family and ten other mission-oriented individuals founded the Tacoma church in June of 1981.