Longport Police Department

2305 Atlantic Avenue

The Longport Police Department's Mission is to ensure the advancement of the quality of life for the people of Longport. All the individual members of the Longport Police Department are committed to providing all the residents of Longport, as well as our visitors, the highest quality of law enforcement by maintaining high standards of professionalism and maintaining respect and objectivity for any individual's rights.

In the early days, Longport was an easy target for “empty house” burglaries. Appointed citizen marshals rather than trained policemen responded to calls for help.

In 1923, Longport’s 25th year of incorporation, an appeal by Mayor Edwin Lavino brought a young Richard DePamphilis to Longport. He came to us “on loan” from Atlantic City and has been a part of Longport ever since. As a plainclothed marshal here in Longport, he was quite successful in solving the burglary problem. In 1925, Mayor Lavino invited him to join the Borough’s police force.

The Longport Police Department was officially created by a temporary ordinance in the latter part of 1931 and Richard DePamphilis was named Police Chief. The position became permanent on February 6, 1932 and he has been referred to as “Chief” ever since.

Under Chief DePamphilis, Longport was the third city in the country to install a two-way police radio system. This radio system is currently on display in the Longport Historical Society Museum. Longport was also the first police department in Atlantic County to procure a Thompson Machine Gun and train men in its technique and use.

For 55 years, the name DePamphilis appeared on the Longport Police Register. The Chief formally retired on August 23, 1974 and was succeeded by his son, Richard DePamphilis, Jr. His successor was Samuel Cianci, a nephew of Chief DePamphilis, and July 1, 1992, Dennis Pacentrilli, another nephew, was sworn in as Chief of Police.