Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk

10153 Riverside Dr. 270

The 2nd Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk

November 5th, 2016  1pm Registration & 2 pm Walk

Join Actress Haley Ramm and her family and friends at Culver City Park (Dusquene and Jefferson) for Live Bands, Lawn Games, Food Trucks and much more.

If you joined us last year, a heartfelt thank you! We never could have raised over $100 thousand dollars without everyone who pushed to make our first year not just a reality but a very large success. And thank you to Culver City for hosting our walk again this year!

Why attend this year?

·       First and foremost, it's a great way to boost your own happiness. Get out in the community and help raise funds and awareness for the over 100 Autoimmune Diseases.

·       AARDA (the American Autoimmune and Related Diseases Association) receives almost a half a million patient inquiries each year. Why? Because the autoimmune community is desperate for answers and too many medical professionals are woefully unprepared to diagnose these incurable conditions many of which are extremely rare. Funds from our Walk support research as well as patient and doctor awareness campaigns.

·       On a personal note, many of our volunteers including myself are autoimmune patients. And many of us have life threatening and very rare autoimmune diseases that negatively impact every aspect of our lives-from walking to talking to eating to working. We NEED your help to save lives.

·       Lastly, 25% of you carry the gene for autoimmune disease. 5% of that 25% will go on to develop one or more autoimmune diseases. By joining us at the Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk you are helping friends, family, neighbors and maybe even yourself.

It's an uphill struggle to fund the research needed to cure Autoimmune Disease, train medical professionals and increase public awareness.  We can get there with your help.

Sincerely, Barbara Ramm

The Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk benefiting AARDA.

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The 2nd Los Angeles Autoimmune Walk hosted by Haley Ramm

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