Lost Acres Orchard

Lost Acres Orchard
130 Lost Acres Road

In addition to many varieties of apples, here at Lost Acres we grow several varieties of peaches and pears, as well as quince. We use only our own apples to press our cider, and sometimes sell our fruits to other local farmstands and cooperatives. In the gardens we have tomatoes, squash, peppers, onions, herbs, eggplant, cucumbers and more. Most of our garden harvest is for our own family and for our Farm Kitchen, and we sometimes bring in fresh vegetables from other local farmers in the fall.

Our harvest season runs from May through October...here's the general schedule for our local zone. (Please note, our only PICK YOUR OWN crop is APPLES....beginning in Sept)

May Harvesting Rhubarb for our Pies and Jams

June Look locally for Strawberries, Blueberries & Raspberries

July Harvesting Basil, Parsley, some early veggies for Lunch on the Porch

August PEACH SEASON!!! and a few early apples. (fruit for sale)

September Peak Apple Season (Pick-Your-Own begins) and more Peaches

October Apples continue, Local Pumpkins, Squash and Mums for sale here

During the rest of the year we continue to keep busy. We begin pressing cider around Labor Day weekend, and continue until our apple supply (in cold storage) runs out - typically around Christmas. In November we make hundreds of pies for Thanksgiving, followed by thousands of homemade Christmas cookies and gift baskets for the holidays. The winter months find us putting up apple butter, making plenty of hot and hearty soups in the kitchen, pruning all of the apple trees and, well, breaking occasionally for some UConn Basketball games! Then we start the vegetable seedlings in the greenhouse and wait for the apple blossoms in May....