Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library

952 Main Street


The mission of Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library is to encourage, foster and enhance a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning for the community.

On June 18, 1898, the Sanford Library Association was organized in order to provide library service for the people of Sanford. Almost twenty years earlier, Thomas Goodall had erected a small building on School Street to be used as a library, but there was insufficient interest in his project. The structure was used for another purpose. By the mid-1890s, a group of young gentlemen, including Edward H. Emery and Bentley Aveyard, along with the women of the Literary Guild (which still exists today as the Searchlight Club), began promoting the establishment of a library. First Sanford LibraryMr. Goodall, the first President of the Sanford Library Association, allowed his School Street property to be used as a home for the library. It opened for the circulation of books on December 31, 1898.